Answers of the Graph (GRT) Quiz in Coinmarketcap

Answers of the Graph (GRT) Quiz  in Coinmarketcap

So basically Graph is an indexing protocol .By completing simple the GRT ( Graph) ,quiz you can collect $10 worth of GRT tokens to your Binance account.

You need Binance account to create GRT wallet and Coinmarketcap account to enter to the quiz.

  1.  Signup from here:
  2. You create a GRT Wallet-Address, for that signup here:

Graph (GRT) Quiz Answers

What is the total supply of GRT tokens? 10,000,000,000 GRT

What is The Graph? an indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data

What are subgraphs? open API’s that can anyone query

What’s the query language used for Subgraphs? GraphQl

What do Curators do? signal on quality subgraphs by depositing GRT

What are Indexers? Node operators that index data and serve queries

Why do indexers have to stake GRT? for economic security so if they misbehave they can be slashed

By delegating GRT to Indexers what can you do? help secure the network and make sure there are plenty of indexers to serve and process data for the crypto economy .


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