Answers of the Graph (GRT) Quiz in Coinmarketcap

Answers of the Graph (GRT) Quiz  in Coinmarketcap

So basically Graph is an indexing protocol .By completing simple the GRT ( Graph) ,quiz you can collect $10 worth of GRT tokens to your Binance account.

You need Binance account to create GRT wallet and Coinmarketcap account to enter to the quiz.

  1.  Signup from here:
  2. You create a GRT Wallet-Address, for that signup here:

Graph (GRT) Quiz Answers

What is the total supply of GRT tokens? 10,000,000,000 GRT

What is The Graph? an indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data

What are subgraphs? open API’s that can anyone query

What’s the query language used for Subgraphs? GraphQl

What do Curators do? signal on quality subgraphs by depositing GRT

What are Indexers? Node operators that index data and serve queries

Why do indexers have to stake GRT? for economic security so if they misbehave they can be slashed

By delegating GRT to Indexers what can you do? help secure the network and make sure there are plenty of indexers to serve and process data for the crypto economy .


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GMB – The coin for trendsetters and early adopters

gmb coin

The cryptocurrency industry is getting more competitive than ever. For years now, projects have been emerging left and right, trying to outperform Bitcoin, become Ethereum-killers, or become the main coin in some industry that they aim to transform.

Most of these projects focus on the wrong things, however, which is why their chances of succeeding are slim. However, there are some coins, in the sea of overly ambitious coins, that do have real potential. One such project is GMB, and today, we are going to explain why that is.

What is the GMB platform?

GMB is a blockchain-based platform that is trying rather hard to bring blockchain’s applications to real life. It is a major South Korean technology company that has created this platform, filled with unique features, a new way of use, and a rather interesting system.

From the investors’ point of view, this coin has huge value, as it represents a major new opportunity that is just beginning to realize itself. It is a coin for trendsetters, early adopters, and those who are interested in investing in the future, rather than seeing small profits today.

What is the GMB Platform hoping to achieve?

In essence, the GMB platform is a platform that uses a dual-cryptocurrency system. It offers extremely fast technology, and its major focus, as mentioned, is connecting the blockchain with real life.

It believes that a cryptocurrency that can be used in real life is the cryptocurrency with the biggest potential. This is not something that can be said for a lot of coins. Some are limited by their blockchain’s capabilities, while others are not meant to work like that, in the first place.

GMB aims to deliver a coin, a platform, and a blockchain that will allow users to use the coin in the world, make payments instantly, and most of all, solve some real-world issues, such as travel.

How does the dual-coin system work?

When it comes to its coin system, the GMB platform features two cryptos — Master Coin and Branch Coin.

Master Coin’s job is to serve as the key currency within the platform. It is a coin meant to be used as a coin. It is listed on global exchanges, it has a shifting price, and by all means, it is a functional cryptocurrency.

Branch Coin, on the other hand, works a bit differently. The company plans to issue it individually, for every country it services. It will have a stable price, tied to that country’s fiat currency. Basically, it is a stablecoin that will be tied to a group of fiat currencies.

The coins can, of course, be exchanged for one another within the GMB Platform’s decentralized exchange (DEX).

What other features does GMB have to offer?

Cryptocurrency security

GMB is filled with various features that revolve around real-life use, security, speed, and more.

Transaction processing speed itself is overwhelming, to say the least. Meanwhile, it is extremely scalable and secure. This comes from a consensus algorithm that it uses, called POPS (Proof of Power Specification & Stake).

It also allows coin holders to participate in its governance system, which allows them to make decisions, share their own views on the state of the project, and help decide on its future. Basically, the platform aims to be completely transparent, and to act as a true democracy.

Another extremely important feature that it has to offer is known as Objective Smart Contract. This is a completely new concept of smart contracts, which will make it easy for anyone to make and use a new contract. Basically, all that anyone needs to do is move the icon with the function that they wish to create, and that’s it.

Users will use a number of different icons to enter specific values and set contracts up. However, the most important part is that, through the GMB Platform, smart contracts will finally be available to everyone equally.


There are plenty of coins in the crypto industry that might be described as great investments, but the fact is that not a lot of them are. So far, the most successful coins turned out to be those with real-world uses. With that in mind, a project whose entire focus is on the real world surely must have massive potential.

That is what GMB is all about, and why this coin is an excellent cryptocurrency for trendsetters and early adopters, who stand to benefit from early investments.

How to Obtain GMB Coin

The GMB coin is listed in Cointiger Exchange –
For more information:

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Bitcoin is the talk of the town these days. The demand for Bitcoin has considerably increased due to the recent Bitcoin halving. Because of these people are looking for ways to but Bitcoin.

Many people have a PayPal account but don’t know how to buy Bitcoin with it. In this post, we will show you how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and how to convert money in paypal to bitcoin

Ways to buy Bitcoin with PayPal:

Here are some ways by which you can buy Bitcoin with your PayPal account.

Buying Bitcoin through eToro: Etoro is a popular Trading platform. You cannot directly purchase Bitcoin using PayPal. You need a medium. You can buy Bitcoin from eToro trading platform. 

Here you can only invest in Bitcoin, not actually own. It is like trading. You can purchase Bitcoin through PayPal but cannot resell it. You can only sell it in exchange for fiat currency. They charge relatively low fees. 

Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin through eToro using PayPal.

  • Create an account with eToro
  • Verify the account
  • Deposit funds using PayPal option
  • Go to the trading page and buy Bitcoin with the funds.
  • Buying Bitcoin through Paxful:

Paxful is a market place where buyers and seller come together to trade. Here you can actually own the Bitcoin by purchasing it from another seller. 

You can easily buy Bitcoin from Paxful without any verification with PayPal. There is a risk of scams here, so it is banned in many countries. 

Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin through Paxful using PayPal:

  • Create a Paxful account
  • Choose PayPal method for payment
  • Select a Seller
  • Start trade
  • Chat and prepare an agreement for trading
  • Once the payment is made, Bitcoin will be transferred in the wallet.
  • Buying Bitcoin through LocalBitcoins:

It is one of the best option to buy Bitcoin using PayPal. It is a market place which connects various buyers and sellers. They can trade with each other to buy and sell Bitcoin. 

It is acceptable worldwide. You can get Bitcoin really fast with LocalBitcoins. It is costly than other ways because the sellers charge a premium. In premium, they are protected from chargebacks files on PayPal. You need to check the credibility of the seller before engaging in the trade.

Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin through LocalBitcoins using PayPal:

  • Create LocalBitcoins account
  • Create and verify your profile
  • Search parameters
  • Find seller
  • Make PayPal payment
  • Wait to receive Bitcoin
  • Get Bitcoin
  • Buying Bitcoin through xCoins:

xCoins is a Bitcoin lender. You can loan Bitcoin through it using PayPal. You have to go to the site to get the coins. They will match you with lenders. After your verification is done you have to make payment. 

The total cost includes actual price, processing fees, and fixed interest amount. The fees they charge are really high.

Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin through xCoins using PayPal:

  • CreatexCoins account
  • Choose the amount of Bitcoin
  • Loan Agreement
  • Agree
  • Identity verification
  • Payment
  • Get Bitcoin

So if you have a PayPal account and looking forward to buying Bitcoin with paypal, you can use any of the following ways. For visit home

How To Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account

Let us gain more information on How To Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account from this informative article.

Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account

This is really an arrangement of advanced payment and digital money payment. Bitcoins have no physical structure and are much the same as would be expected cash yet. They are used worldwide for instant transfer of value, which are very much secured. The first decentralized digital currency is bitcoin.

Any administration or budgetary organization doesn’t have any control over this system. Some time ago purchasing the bitcoins was illicit, in India. There are many trustworthy Bitcoin apps nowadays. We can use those apps such as UnoCoin, Zebpay, insecure, and more. Always buy Bitcoins from the best platform.

Bitcoin price now

In today’s world, one Bitcoin would cost you a minimum of 12 lakhs. To start the speculation, you need not get one can just buy one part of it to start the investment also. In India, you need around Rs.500 minimum to start investing in Bitcoins. The price range may vary with time, so you can find the latest price of Bitcoins in INR.

There are also some legal procedures that you need to follow up while buying Bitcoins in India legally. First, you need to give a valid and latest PAN card number and residential address proof, to get yourself Know Your Customer (KYC)  verified. Check twice, that all the details you gave are all right or not and all the details belong to one person’s account or not. If yes, then you can proceed with the verification system that may take a maximum of 2 to 3 working days. After this, you will get an allowance to go ahead and invest. 

Bitcoin wallet

The Bitcoin wallet will be provided on the  Bitcoin apps only, which will allow them to sell and buy Bitcoins. The apps ensure the Bitcoin wallet in initial, when you join the app, get signed in, and create your own account. You should also know about the tax, as per the Government, the returns that you get from investment on Bitcoins are taxable. And tax is compulsory. The tax limitations are 30 % for short term investment and 20% for long term investment is compulsory.

Few crypto-currencies that are similar to Bitcoin, such as Zetacoin, Namecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Peercoin, and so on. There is no such edge of investment in Bitcoins, in sum ups. You are now allowed to take the risks, and analyze your mind before investing in the Bitcoins. Think carefully that you really want to invest in Bitcoins or not so.  Take wise suggestions, and start it with a lump sum amount of money to test it first. Late from this you may make a huge investment. 

Now I hope you know many more pieces of information on  How To Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account. How the Bitcoin investment apps works, and the tax amount percentage that you need to pay. visit home

Ledger Nano S Review

You must be wondering,

Is Ledger Nano S the best cryptocurrency wallet for me?


Ledger Nano S Review

If you are into cryptocurrency, sooner or later you will realize that:

A cryptocurrency hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S, is something that, sooner or later, you will need to buy.

Here’s the deal,

after reading this Ledger Nano S Review, 

you will know if the Ledger Nano S is a must buy item or not

 and if this is the best cryptocurrency wallet suitable, for your needs.

You and me, already know, that the main issue with cryptocurrency wallets is safety!

The chances of malicious attacks by hackers or other “online” wallets turning out to be scams, are huge.

Which leads people to feel reluctant storing their bitcoins online, since so many risks are lurking behind the internet…

Same goes for me! But…

this is where devices like the Ledger Nano S called Hardware wallets come in to play.

Manufactures like Ledger, have found a solution that will allow

people to make crypto-transactions in a robust secure way!

They have produced and designed the “Hardware” wallet named as

the Ledger Nano S wallet.

This wallet, helps to store and use your cryptocurrencies without the fear of waking up one day and finding out that your precious funds have been hacked or stolen.

So lets start the Review with some important to know definitions,

What is the Ledger Nano S wallet?

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a secure cryptocurrency Hardware wallet made by Ledger.

Now, you must be thinking…

What is a Hardware wallet then?

Hardware wallet is a small device that stores and protects your private data known as private keys.

Those private keys are the certificates of ownership of the cryptocurrencies you own, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Through these private keys you have full access and management of your funds.

Therefore, a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S,

by storing these private keys offline in the device itself,

it allows you to make secure payments and store your cryptocurrencies,

in the safest way possible, without any risk of your funds being accessible

online to be stolen or lost by anyone.

Where you can buy Ledger Nano S online :

If you are eager to buy the Ledger Nano S wallet and start managing your bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency right now

Now that you know what a hardware wallet is,

lets take a look on

How does Ledger Nano S works :

Ledger Nano S looks and works just like as a USB device.

It connects to any Computer with a USB cable that comes with the package.

It has a small built-in OLED screen where you can check and confirm transactions by tapping one of the two small side buttons.

Here is an example:

In case you made a payment with bitcoin,

on the screen appears a message that asks you to confirm that transaction.

Then, you must give it an answer of “yes” or “no” by pressing the left or right buttons on the device.

Ledger Nano S user interface:

The wallet comes along with its own Chrome extension and a few other chrome application interfaces that work as software wallets, where you can manage your funds on your computer screen.

The Chrome extension is:

  • The Ledger Manager

Also,  Ledger’s own software wallets that work with the Nano S:

  • Ledger wallet for Bitcoin app.
  • The Ledger wallet for Ethereum app.
  • And The Ledger wallet Ripple app.

The rest shown in the picture below are other compatible software wallets who partner with Ledger.

Without further ado,

lets take a look at what you can do with the Ledger Manager Chrome extension.

Ledger Manager Chrome extension:

– You can download and install it onto your Chrome browser free. Obvious!

-If the Ledger Manger Chrome extension is not installed on the computer where your device is connected, the device will not work!

-While using the Ledger Manager application your Ledger Nano S wallet must stay connected on the device.

-You can browse, install and uninstall the applications that you want to use with your Ledger Nano S wallet.

-You can update the firmware of the device when a new one is released with more interesting features. (new alt-coins, software updates and so on).

Now that you know what Ledger Chrome extension does,

lets take a quick look on how to set up the device.

Ledger Nano S – Set up process:

  1. Connect the device on your computer.
  2. Add/Choose the pin code.
  3. Back up your recovery phrase “the seed” on the piece of paper that comes with the package.
  4. Download the Ledger Manager Chrome extension…

and you are ready to use your Nano S wallet anywhere and anytime on any computer.

You can start sending/receiving, buying and storing your cryptocurrencies

securely while verifying every transaction using the devices buttons and the

build in OLED screen.

Hardware wallets over Software wallets – Pro’s and Con’s

As mentioned at the beginning of the article,

the reason hardware wallets exist are to avoid the risk of malicious attacks and scams.

Ledger device ensures that by keeping the important data offline, so that no hacker can access your funds.

Your private keys are never shown online and they are stored in the device.

On the other hand, when a device or software is connected on the internet,

no matter how secure they are, there is always a chance of loosing your money.

The only disadvantage Hardware wallets have against Software wallets are a few and not so important!

Lets have a quick look at them.

  1. Hardware wallets manual set up.

The set up, is a boring manual process that has to be done by you. ie set up pin, recovery phrase etc.

But when done once, you are done with it.

On the other hand,

Software wallets may not be so safe but they are much more fun and easy to use and set up.

   2. Unable to transfer small amounts of crypto coins

If you are a miner and mining crypto coins then This is only important for you.

Which means,

the Ledger Device is not able to process continuous tiny payments ie 1000 payments of 0.00001 btc.

How to avoid that?


Avoid making small payments continually.

That’s all!

These are the only disadvantages I can think off.

Now, you will want to know

what makes the Ledger Nano S special about security?

Ledger Nano S Robust Security Formula
Seed + Screen + PIN

What makes the Ledger Nano S special is that it has 3 very

important tools that ensure certain security.

The screen, the seed and the pin.

Lets have a quick explanation of how these 3 work together,

  • Seed phrase with the build-in Screen:

You must look at the seed as the key to your cash, inside your wallet.

If anyone has the seed, it means he can access your funds, even if they do not have the device.

They can use the seed to any other compatible online or hardware wallet they have access to and use your money as their own.

But, here’s the kicker,

the chances of someone guessing your seed are close to impossible.

Even super-computers need more than 200 years to calculate your seed!

In other words,

you do not have to worry for anyone breaching your seed phrase anytime soon.

What you have to worry, is not to lose your seed.

Without the seed, you cannot access your funds. Period!

The seed is a 24-word phrase that it can only been shown on the screen of the device, at the set up process.

That alone makes the device a lot more secure!

This way, you are able to use the device on any computer you want,

without having to worry if the computer is malicious or hacked.

The seed and the screen together work wonders for the safety of your Bitcoins.

But what happens when someone steals your device?

This is where the 4-digit pin comes in.

  • The 4-digit pin:

With the 4-digit pin that you set up at the first time you use the Nano S wallet,

you have another extra layer of protection.

In cases, when someone else uses or steels your device.

Remember, the seed is your key to your cash inside your wallet and the pin is your key to your wallet.

Only you know the pin,and if someone tries to use the device, they have to know the pin to access your data.

The Nano S device asks you for the pin every time you connect it on any computer and every time you are executing a transaction.

Also, you can change the pin to a 6 or 8-digit pin for higher security.

It is also good to know,

if the pin is submitted 3 consecutive times wrong,

the Nano S resets and deletes automatically all the stored data.

In case that happens to you, you do not need to worry.

You can use the seed to any other compatible wallet  and recover access to your funds and data.

In summary,

This is how the overall security if the Nano S device works:

  • The Screen on the device protects your seed from being accessible to others.
  • Your seed protects your funds in the device and
  • the pin protects your device in case its lost or stolen.

If you lose the device, you still have access to your funds because of the seed.

No one can access your device unless they have the pin.

The worst-case scenario is when you lose the device and do not have the seed. In this case you cannot access your funds in any way.

That is why, you must stay proactive and keep the seed written in a piece of paper safely at home.

Note that, when you open the box of the Ledger Nano S

you will find inside a piece of paper on which you can write down the

passphrase in order from 1 to 24 words.

Keep that paper at a safe private place.

Ledger’s Company Customer service

As you can see, the Ledger Nano S device has more security features than any other device.

That extra security, compromises some of its user friendliness and convenience.

For the above reason the Ledger Company:

  • Have uploaded instructions manuals and “how to’s” that are easily accessible online on their official website.
  • The box upon purchase of the device includes a small instruction manual which I suggest you read before you start using the device.
  • The company has a really good reputation with customer service and their website, emails and even phone calls are welcome and available 24 hours.

Features List of Ledger Nano S:

Main features

  • Cryptographic secrets protected by a secure chip
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum support (Open Source apps)
  • Confirmation of transactions on the embedded screen
  • Built-in 4 digit PIN security lock
  • Built-in onboarding (seed generation and recovery)
  • BIP39 seed (12/18/24 words), easy backup and restoration
  • Multi-apps support: FIDO U2F, GPG, SSH…
  • USB connectivity
  • Fold-able and compact casing

Extra Features

  • Passphrase support for plausible deniability or seed backup protection (compatible with BIP39)
  • Alternative duress PIN
  • Shuffle PIN option
  • Token & basic contract support (data field) for Ethereum
  • MyEtherWallet integration on Chrome and Opera without third party extensions
  • Support for GreenAddress & Greenbits (Android, desktop coming soon)
  • Litecoin support
  • Ledger Manager: application & firmware updates

We hope you learn lot of thing by this Ledger Nano S Review . Visit home

Trading Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin Futures

How to Make Money Off Bitcoin by trading Bitcoin futures? What trading bitcoin futures basically is, buying or selling bitcoins for a certain price, without having to own it (it is basically a contract that you will buy or sell it in the future for a certain price), every day you either gain or lose money based on that contract. One of the bad things about it is the “naked short selling” which means that you gain money when the bitcoin market crashes. This will happen because the bitcoin market has a very tiny liquidity.

So if a bank owns 100 000 bitcoins, they can sell them during Christmas, when nobody is trading, which means an incredible downswing. Imagine bitcoin going down 50% in 10 minutes. Those type of things do happen on low liquidity markets and especially now you can earn money by doing it. Trading bitcoins will become a nightmare according to some analysts.

How do cash-settled futures introduce liquidity into the market?

These institutions will not hold any bitcoin, and all contracts will be cash settled. In the short term, bitcoin futures, with high margin requirements, and limited contracts shouldn’t negatively impact the market, especially only representing such a small proportion of the market cap.

However, some people don’t believe this is the end game, they think as the contracts become more readily available, and the requirements loosened, you’re going to have a considerable amount of problems in the market. Bitcoin, and the crypto space, being a highly volatile market, introduces the possibility that people may not be able to settle their contracts if they short or go long on bitcoin. Defaulting on bitcoin futures can cause significant market disruption.

Let’s say, for example, bitcoin goes to $1 from 15,000, and 90% of people cannot settle those contracts- it will create a huge problem. It can bankrupt investors. When they go bankrupt, they lose their digital assets, plummeting prices, and causing a huge sell-off. This is what some traders believe to be the eventual endgame for major institutions. Big banks have been buying up bitcoin over the last several months and will hold a considerable supply. By creating this instrument for investment, they are creating a monster that may very well end crypto trading. They are playing a long game, aimed at tanking down investors, and the whole crypto market. Visit home