GMB – The coin for trendsetters and early adopters

The cryptocurrency industry is getting more competitive than ever. For years now, projects have been emerging left and right, trying to outperform Bitcoin, become Ethereum-killers, or become the main coin in some industry that they aim to transform.

Most of these projects focus on the wrong things, however, which is why their chances of succeeding are slim. However, there are some coins, in the sea of overly ambitious coins, that do have real potential. One such project is GMB, and today, we are going to explain why that is.

What is the GMB platform?

GMB is a blockchain-based platform that is trying rather hard to bring blockchain’s applications to real life. It is a major South Korean technology company that has created this platform, filled with unique features, a new way of use, and a rather interesting system.

From the investors’ point of view, this coin has huge value, as it represents a major new opportunity that is just beginning to realize itself. It is a coin for trendsetters, early adopters, and those who are interested in investing in the future, rather than seeing small profits today.

What is the GMB Platform hoping to achieve?

In essence, the GMB platform is a platform that uses a dual-cryptocurrency system. It offers extremely fast technology, and its major focus, as mentioned, is connecting the blockchain with real life.

It believes that a cryptocurrency that can be used in real life is the cryptocurrency with the biggest potential. This is not something that can be said for a lot of coins. Some are limited by their blockchain’s capabilities, while others are not meant to work like that, in the first place.

GMB aims to deliver a coin, a platform, and a blockchain that will allow users to use the coin in the world, make payments instantly, and most of all, solve some real-world issues, such as travel.

How does the dual-coin system work?

When it comes to its coin system, the GMB platform features two cryptos — Master Coin and Branch Coin.

Master Coin’s job is to serve as the key currency within the platform. It is a coin meant to be used as a coin. It is listed on global exchanges, it has a shifting price, and by all means, it is a functional cryptocurrency.

Branch Coin, on the other hand, works a bit differently. The company plans to issue it individually, for every country it services. It will have a stable price, tied to that country’s fiat currency. Basically, it is a stablecoin that will be tied to a group of fiat currencies.

The coins can, of course, be exchanged for one another within the GMB Platform’s decentralized exchange (DEX).

What other features does GMB have to offer?

Cryptocurrency security

GMB is filled with various features that revolve around real-life use, security, speed, and more.

Transaction processing speed itself is overwhelming, to say the least. Meanwhile, it is extremely scalable and secure. This comes from a consensus algorithm that it uses, called POPS (Proof of Power Specification & Stake).

It also allows coin holders to participate in its governance system, which allows them to make decisions, share their own views on the state of the project, and help decide on its future. Basically, the platform aims to be completely transparent, and to act as a true democracy.

Another extremely important feature that it has to offer is known as Objective Smart Contract. This is a completely new concept of smart contracts, which will make it easy for anyone to make and use a new contract. Basically, all that anyone needs to do is move the icon with the function that they wish to create, and that’s it.

Users will use a number of different icons to enter specific values and set contracts up. However, the most important part is that, through the GMB Platform, smart contracts will finally be available to everyone equally.


There are plenty of coins in the crypto industry that might be described as great investments, but the fact is that not a lot of them are. So far, the most successful coins turned out to be those with real-world uses. With that in mind, a project whose entire focus is on the real world surely must have massive potential.

That is what GMB is all about, and why this coin is an excellent cryptocurrency for trendsetters and early adopters, who stand to benefit from early investments.

How to Obtain GMB Coin

The GMB coin is listed in Cointiger Exchange –
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